photoSLAM! is like a poetry slam where the words are expressed through images.  Artist present one at a time displaying ten  projected images on a screen in two minutes.  Artist bring their images on a thumb drive.  Audience participation is encouraged as they yell BAM! 

Photographers and visual artist may present a single body of images or a mixture of the two. Presenters may talk or let the images speak for themselves.  Images may be accompanied with the sound or text and played as a slideshow (Quicktime or similar)  All skill levels and all ages invited.  All topics, themes, and genres, unless otherwise listed.

In light of the digital arena millions upon millions of people now have the opportunity, and are; photographing and visually interpreting the new and exciting times we are living.

photoSLAM! offers an inviting social environment to compliment the virtual world of posting images by providing the quintessential space to share their art work, their thoughts and practices.